Monday, February 6, 2017

Notes. Random/Daily Discussion Prompts

One thing I will want to show is how you can use dynamic content not just in Pages, but also in Discussions. So, for example, you can use a randomizer for a Discussion Board prompt, like in this example of a Random Growth Mindset Cat (and note also how you have to alert the student about reloading, opening the link in a new window to save it, including the link in the reply so others will know what the prompt was).

One issue that comes up is the height of the iframe (may require scrolling or may result in white space); no easy solution around that. Notice that I centered the iframe (so, paragraph centered, then iframe in paragraph).

You can also have a dynamic widget for daily discussion prompts where there would be a new discussion prompt each day. This would be useful for the kind of discussion where students have a rolling period of time where they can contribute, but the daily prompt would keep it fresh. Again, alert students to clicking on more info so they can share the link to their prompt in the reply.

Here's a screenshot with the script for daily cat:

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